Those who prepare, respond with strength.

Security and Crisis Center World (SACC World) is a project of the World Jewish Congress.

SACC World provides Jewish communities around the world with training
in community crisis management and emergency response.

About us

Our mission is to make the communities stronger and ready to respond to any potential crisis - whether it is a natural disaster, security incident or a major accident. Part of our mission is also giving support during real emergencies.

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Our principles

  1. Helping communities to prepare to face times of crisis.
  2. Assisting communities in emergencies with the means that they may require.
  3. Creating a network of community Crisis Management teams in different countries and regions (Core Teams).
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Our Services


  • Understanding your local conditions and needs
  • Together setting priorities and milestones for process of preparedness
  • Leading you through the process
  • Regular consultations


  • Crisis management workshops dealing with various issues
  • Aimed at your crisis management team, community leaders, various cm professionals or other audiences
  • Tailor made for your community
  • Based on real life experience and case studies


  • Simulations of crisis situation - best way to learn in a safe environment and to experience crisis situation
  • Functional, table top or full scale exercises
  • Tailor made according to the needs, specific conditions and level of preparedness of each team
  • Identifying the gaps in order to improve


  • Support in case of emergency in your community
  • Assistance and support of our team members on site and online
  • Equipment and financial support if needed
  • Help with communication outside, sharing information with other communities and organizations

SACC World

 WJC Affiliated Countries
 WJC Non-Affiliated Countries

Contact Details

E-mail: saccworld@wjcmail.org
Web: www.saccworld.com

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